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Wouldn’t it be nice that at the time of snacking or just meeting with friends to be able to find a place that would magically follow your diet needs? Isn’t it hard enough to get ready, look great, and socialize without appearing to be a weirdo when getting together with friends to “grab a bite”, to then take a look at the menu and see that you can eat absolutely nothing?! What we can do is invite our friends to place similar to Litchi Snow Ice.

On my visit to Litchi Snow Ice, they offered the Açai bowl. It seems to be a bowl of yogurt and fruits marketed as filled with antioxidants, Omega 3’S, 19 amino acids, dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. Litchi Snow Ice is located at 15721 Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines, it is a very cute place with a touch of personality. They have a library area where you can eat your healthy snack and read a book or just play a board game while you grab a snack with friends on their games section. The post-its located all over the walls gives it that particular feel that you can leave your mark after you stepped on the place. Employees state the Açai bowl is done with all natural ingredients and has an approximate 300 calories per bowl for those who are calorie counting. I say its simply delish!